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Medical Marijuana a Lifesaver to Ill People

Consider feeling nauseated through your entire day without having hope for comfort. Every look at any kind of food makes any stomach turn, and each passing instant delivers you closer towards the dreaded urge to vomit. How vehemently would you seek sanctuary from all of these awful feelings assuming they overwhelmed you at each and every waking moment in time?

There are numerous people that do suffer in these ways. Health problems like HIV and radiation treatment for cancer patients have long demonstrated themselves as reasons for severe nausea. This is especially upsetting because those suffering with these weakening issues are people who need just about the most satisfactory nourishment.

Things That Many People Already Know

Pop culture is taking advantage of this concept as is explained through the thousands of suggestions to what is often known as “the munchies”. Anyone who has consumed weed has probably found themselves at some time scarfing on Fritos topped with nacho cheddar or combining some other sort of wayward mixture in order to satiate their particular cravings for food. For these people, it’s typically one of the enjoyable positive results of cannabis.

Having said that, for those who utilize it as an appetite stimulus to manage their unsettled stomach, it can be a total life saver. Individuals who just were not able to nibble just a piece of fresh fruit are able to enjoy full salads soon after THC does its work. People on the verge of wasting away have been able to restore healthier weights because of the stimulation delivered by medical cannabis.

Now This is Recognized By Research

These health benefits are supported by recent reports too. A study just recently done from the Center for Medical Cannabis Research sought to discover the link between the usage of medical marijuana and how it can encourage a strong appetite. This research was able to distinguish improvements in hormones related to appetite as a result of the administration of medical cannabis.

Though countless have known and accepted that appetite can grow with weed usage, it is crucial that scientific studies such as this proceeds to be developed. Modern society has a tough time recognizing the claims of a weed user that weed is safe, secure, and effective.

Research Aids the Cause of Legalization

Individuals that rally in opposition to legalizing weed could have a lot more challenging time claiming medical marijuana presents no advantages if the specifics hit them in the face. Info like this are often used to help advance the movement to legalize weed, which will be a big benefit to such impacted patients (as well as the rest of those that benefit).

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My Financial Case to Legalize Weed

The case of the legalization of marijuana will continue to move its path right into the spotlight, and I previously shared my libertarian argument to legalize weed. This particular conflict can be addressed by multiple platforms, of which this article I would like to strike it through a fiscal perspective.

Low Supply, Popular Demand Equals More Weapons

The main trouble with these kinds of regulations is the fact that markets are dictated by demand and supply, certainly not whether a substance is legal or not. It is a fundamental concept of business economics that when there is a demand as well as income to be made, there will be a businessman or entrepreneur to capitalize on this type of prospect.

The profitability inside an illegal industry is enormous. Looking to stomp a greatly desired substance from existence is only going to cause prices to soar. This is because competition is small and well-defended. These resulting significant proceeds mean substantial funds to buy even larger growing fields, more mercenaries, and more vicious weaponry.

Just take a gander within the Mexico-US Border and the grisly images emanating from this highly contested region. These cartels are utilizing rifles and automated weaponry to guard their cash cow of drug revenue. Anyone who may present a threat to those income channels including federal officials or the police are handled in deadly ways. Many ordinary people will lose their livelihoods as collateral damage.

Terminate the Cartels’ Monopoly on High Demand Substances

Legalize marijuana and reputable businesses will quickly jump in to take advantage of it. Raging drug lords will no longer possess a stranglehold on a small, limited drug supply. Quite simply, they would no longer be able to retain their monopoly of illegal activity.

Prices on marijuana would certainly plummet which will be especially favorable for users while serving as a fatal strike towards cartels. With affordable prices comes lowered profits for these illegal groups. They will not be in a position to afford and control such powerful armies. Respectable organizations would replace rifle-wielding outlaws.

Fight Against Reason

The war on drugs, particularly against weed, fails on all matters of logical thought. There is no evidence that demand is reduced at all due to drug laws, yet on the other hand, there are many indicators showing that it is a ridiculous and deadly method to tackle the matter of drug abuse.

I anticipate legalization of marijuana fairly shortly, especially as my home state of Washington consistently creates laws that would legalize it. I anticipate it as I feel certain the cannabis market in this area will see substantial expansion and brand new jobs will likely be created and banning of prohibited drugs will once again be shown as a weak strategy.

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Cannabis Demonstrated to Lessen Impact of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Just imagine sitting in a school room not able to focus or know very well what your teacher is trying to discuss. Each small happening near you seems like a massive diversion and results in your lowered capacity to concentrate and reduced output. These are just examples of the difficulties that individuals with ADHD may be expected to deal with in their everyday lives.

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is often a incapacitating ailment for anybody afflicted by it. Around 3-5% in the population endures ADHD, meaning numerous afflicted individuals in America alone.

A number of medications are generally shoved upon people to help treat their ADHD, and those people will often have no reluctance in doing no matter what to get a bit of comfort. Today though, weed may well provide sufferers of ADHD another opportunity to treat their particular difficulties as effectively as these drugs while handling effects and hazards they may consider are even more reasonable.

German Study Tracks Man with ADHD

A report produced by German institution Heidelberg University Medical Centre finds that troubles of ADHD could possibly be handled as one of the numerous medical advantages of THC. It also stated that people struggling with ADHD could experience an enhanced capability to drive while feeling the benefits of weed. This is particularly good to hear for those who prefer alternate organic medicines as opposed to chemically engineered substances.

This evaluation followed a 28-year old male who had been identified as having ADHD. They screened his capabilities and recorded his habits while he had been free of THC to generate a baseline on the impact ADHD had on him. This individual displayed combative and brash demeanor that was normal for ADHD sufferers and had a tough time speaking about his conditions and needs without becoming irritated.

The subsequent trips to the doctor he was able to communicate simply and convey his thoughts logically and succinctly. He claimed that he was on dronabinol (a THC extract), but it was eventually discovered that he was using cannabis for his THC supplement. Though the doctors had planned to investigate the results of dronabinol within ADHD patients, they still had the ability to identify favorable advantages of THC in this man regardless.

Negating Preconceptions One Condition in Turn

It has to be noted this exploration followed only one individual, and so by no means presents a statistically significant sample. That said, it is easy to find testimony of many other individuals who have ADHD claiming they likewise enjoy the positive effects of cannabis as well as THC. Although it might not be successful for everybody, it definitely is a sanctuary for many individuals.


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Medical Marijuana Provides Valuable Pain Alleviation

Heated controversy still exists regarding the efficacy of marijuana as a pain reliever. Supporters and users stand behind the drug as a source of relief from acute pain while critics counter that this support is merely an excuse for people to get high legally.

However, a recent study has been conducted that follows usage in the home by sufferers of chronic pain, and the verdict is in. Medical marijuana does indeed provide acute pain relief due to the analgesic effects of THC. It doesn’t matter the nature of injury, whether it is post-traumatic or post-surgery, the relief was apparent in all patients when compared to a placebo.

The Study And Its Results

This research was conducted by Dr. Mark Ware of McGill University and later published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Dr. Ware is also Director of Clinical Research at the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit, so he constantly has access to patients whose current situations are rife with pain-related symptoms.

The methodology of the study instructed patients who had acute pain issues to take a single hit three times daily from a pipe with a THC density of approximately 10%. This process happened for five days. The patients’ level of pain relief was in direct comparison to others who used a 0% THC placebo.

Researchers were able to reveal a clear benefit to using marijuana over the placebo. Patients had a noticeable diminishing of pain, and they showed signs of elevated mood and more sound sleep.

Because this short-term focused study was able to show such positive effects of weed usage, Dr. Ware hoped in the future that longer-term, more involved studies could be carried out. These future developments could provide even more evidence of the potential advantages associated with the use of medical marijuana.

No Debate on Effectiveness for Users

Medical marijuana’s usefulness as an effective pain relief drug is still a highly controversial topic, and most likely will continue to be a subject of ire. On the other hand, studies like this help back the claims of regular users whose quality of life is greatly increased through consumption of THC and activation of the human cannabinoid system.

People on the outside looking in sometimes unnecessarily look down on the practice because of the social stigma tied to using marijuana, and medical studies are in a powerful position to dispel those ideas because society tends to place great trust in modern medicine.


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What Influence Could Marijuana Possess Over the Heart?

The Effects of Weed Network discusses many of the side effects that weed has on the lungs and brain, however, another essential body component continues to be omitted so far: the one and only heart. Although the influence cannabis possesses within the brain and respiratory system is more critical than the outcomes towards the heart, especially the adverse, the heart is obviously a body organ that should not be overlooked.

A Bump In Heart Beat Rate

One immediate reply one’s heart experiences whenever consuming weed is certainly an elevated heart beat. This increase will vary in every individual, yet a fair estimation is heart rate increases by nearly 30-40 beats per minute also known as BPM. Since a normal resting heart rate ranges between 60-80 BPM, this may result in as much as a 50% increase in heart rate.

This isn’t automatically negative by itself because healthy exercise achieves the exact same outcome. Then again, this particular fact can be very necessary for those who are afflicted by coronary disorders meaning they’ll have a difficult time managing that sort of heart activity. In the event that this type of person were to use weed several times a day, they might be possibly positioning themselves for great risk of a cardiac event.

Study Demonstrates Small Risk of Heart Problems

An investigation had been carried out by Harvard Medical School and led by Dr. Murray Mittleman aimed towards discerning the effects cannabis provides in heart functionality along with its possible risks. The scientists discovered cannabis consumers were approximately 5 times more prone to endure a heart attack in the initial hour following consuming cannabis. This is mainly associated with the heightened heart beat rate which comes after the utilization of weed. Dr. Mittleman stated, “Blood pressure increases then abruptly falls when the person stands up. This could precipitate a heart attack.”

When the question was asked to clarify the reason why marijuana would have this type of effect towards the heart, Mittleman could not offer a comprehensive solution. He felt that it was feasible that perhaps it is attributed to the body’s response to THC, inhalation of the smoke itself, or possibly another trigger not really considered.

Before people become too troubled about it, they need to realize that the chance of experiencing heart failure because of marijuana is remote. Actually, the study stated the likelihood is as unlikely as 1 in 100,000. This danger grows steadily with age but remains to be incredibly unlikely in any situation.

Weed Negligible Danger towards Heart

Even though cannabis undoubtedly has an impact on the function of the heart, an individual should not end up being too concerned unless of course they have a substantive heart condition. Logically speaking, the effect is relatively insignificant.


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Relief Of Pain Demonstrated to be Positive Impact of Weed Use

Pain relief is one of the most heavily invested areas of medicine today. Tons of money are poured into research and development each year for the creation of newer, more effective pain management drugs. However, there is an effective alternative to modern medicine in regards to pain relief that has existed for millions of years.

The remedy I speak of is medical marijuana. Studies are emerging in these times that show the efficacy of cannabis as an organic way to relieve pain. This news is especially welcome for anyone that feels like putting artificial chemicals into their body to treat their ailments over a long period of time is detrimental to their personal health.

A Study to Determine Pain Relief Efficacy

One of the basic positive effects of weed remains its activation of our inner cannabinoid system. Energizing this system provides a multitude of benefits such as mood control, appetite stimulation, and the focus here, pain relief.

A study was conducted in 2010 led by Dr. Mark Ware and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal to find out if marijuana does indeed provide pain relief, and if so, how effectively cannabis provides it.

The study was performed by finding a baseline of pain intensity in patients who suffered from chronic pain on an 11-point scale, administering a dosage of THC over a 2-week period, then determining what changes had occurred in pain intensity. The study also tried to discern any changes in mood, quality of life, and ability to sleep.

After the trial ended, researchers found that there was a statistically significant drop in pain levels from a score of 6.1 to 5.4, a 0.7 decrease. This may seem relatively marginal, but consider this number is an average, and for some people the drop was likely much greater. The researchers also found that individuals who were taking the most potent THC dosages reported an easier time falling asleep as well as more sound sleep. The study found no major differences in mood or quality of life.

Medical Marijuana Is A Pain Relief Solution

Considering that the effects of weed on the body are primarily attributed to the reaction of our cannabinoid system to THC and other phytocannabinoids, it is easy to understand why cannabis treats ailments so comprehensively. Pain relief is just one of its myriad of benefits, and this study provides further evidence.

As this site progresses, I will continue to highlight studies such as this one that further display the benefits that medical marijuana can provide. I hope you will join me by commenting below and drive a conversation relating to the positive effects of weed.


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The Positive Effects of Weed Upon Appetite Amongst Cancer Sufferers

One of the most easily observed and accepted effects of weed on the body is a stimulation of appetite. This effect has been documented empirically throughout multiple civilizations for centuries. Only in the last few decades have scientists been able to start identifying the process taking place within our bodies that causes this reaction. This process is a stimulation of our internal cannabinoid system through the consumption of phytocannabinoids, mainly THC.

For most people, an increased appetite is a non-issue at its worst, but for others it can have positive effects on nutritional health and dramatically increase quality of life. The specific group I am referring to is users of medical marijuana for the treatment of cancer-related symptoms. Whether the patient’s appetite has been decreased directly from cancer or whether chemotherapy is the main culprit, revitalizing it through the consumption of marijuana can be of immense relief to cancer sufferers.

The Endocannabinoid System

Within the human body is a system that has garnered a significant amount of research in recent years, the endocannabinoid system. This system is a lot like the opioid system, which has been under study for a long time as well, in that it runs throughout the body and provides a multitude of benefits including pain relief and mood control when active.

Our bodies can use this system through its own creation of cannabinoids, and it does this naturally when a certain need arises that the cannabinoid system can fill. However, it can also be activated through synthesization of external cannabinoids, or more specifically, phytocannabinoids. Cannabis is known to be densely concentrated in these highly effective cannabinoids with the main active chemical being THC.

Effectiveness for Cancer Patients

There are numerous studies that surround the positive effects of weed on cancer patients, but I want to focus on one in particular published in Annals of Oncology on Feb 2011. This study focused on changes in appetite and quality of life (QOL) in patients who used medical marijuana versus a placebo.

The results were relatively unsurprising and mainly helped to confirm previously observable behavior, that is that weed can be a powerful booster of appetite. Caloric intake was relatively unaffected, but patients asserted that the food they ate “tasted better” and this allowed them to eat foods that were otherwise undesirable before, especially meats and proteins. These findings were documented as increases in QOL.

Additionally, the research showed that sleep and relaxation were also increased in marijuana users, which is also a significant increase in QOL. However, there was no indication as to whether these increases were due to the cannabis or more complete nutrition due to a healthier appetite.

Yet Another Benefit of Marijuana

Marijuana has been a haven for many who suffer from lack of appetite and malnourishment, and the research here further backs what can be seen through the lens of common sense. As scientists continue to focus on the effects of weed on the body, they are sure to uncover more rewarding discoveries that will help modern medicine better treat the sufferers of debilitating diseases such as cancer. I hope you will continue with me in my conversation regarding what the impact of weed truly is on individuals and society.


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