Growing Marijuana


Why I Grow My Own Weed

I am an avid marijuana user, card holder, and proponent of marijuana uses both in medicinal and recreational applications. Marijuana helps improve my quality of life, but I’m not alone. Countless others also use it to enhance their overall well being.

Using regularly though quickly became a burden for two main reasons. First and obviously, the more I used, the more I was forced to buy. Marijuana isn’t particularly expensive in my home state of Washington, but using every day adds up quick.

The second problem was getting my supply. Being disabled, going to a dispensary was a major hassle, so for a time I got my weed delivered to my home. Even so, I didn’t trust my delivery guy as time went on. I began to get shorted on the amount I paid for and the quality gradually declined. Not to mention, if I ran out, it sometimes took days to get reloaded which was unfavorable.

Is this where you get your marijuana? Stop it.

After a while of enduring this struggle, I decided why not try to grow it myself? In Washington, a person with a marijuana license can grow as many as 15 plants for personal usage. It’s common for a plant to yield 1-2 oz, so that means at any time an individual could be growing up to 30 oz of weed. That is a market value of roughly $7,500 locally. With numbers like these, it made a lot of sense to learn the basics and stop paying others to do something I could do for myself.

I have been growing a couple years now and it has been an awesome journey. It started out rough and I was close to giving up after just my first grow, but I stuck with it because I had invested so much initially. Now though, every new grow I improve upon my techniques and get bigger and bigger yields with less confusion. I won’t ever have to pay a huge markup or work with a shady dealer ever again, which was my goal all along.


Mission Of This Guide

The mission of this guide is to provide those who are new and interested in growing marijuana yourself with a clear and concise path to follow and lead you to your own successful yields. Each section of this guide encourages you to begin taking action steps now rather than excusing yourself and saying “Maybe tomorrow.” I can teach you all the steps you need to take, but that means nothing if you don’t take the initiative and start taking action.

The hardest part of a new journey is taking the first steps. Start now!

With so much misinformation being spread across the Internet, it can be easy for someone to decide it isn’t worth the hassle of learning how to grow themselves, and many decide it is just easier to keep paying someone else a premium price for their marijuana.

However, I want anyone interested in becoming self-reliant for their marijuana to have the opportunity to meet their own needs by sharing the bare essentials needed to start growing your own potent buds today.

This guide is meant to be a learning aid as well as a quick reference guide. Everything in this guide is relevant to growing weed indoors, but I will highlight the information I feel is most important to know if you are looking for a quick overview. I also added Action Steps at the end of each page to give a summary of what steps you should be taking as a result of the information provided on that page.

My grow closet. Follow this guide and create your own!

Beginner’s Guide to Growing Weed

This is just a beginner’s guide. It is partly based on other guides I have read and partly based on my own experiences. This information will be far from exhaustive in nature, but it will definitely be more than enough to begin your own journey of growing and allow you to get your first homegrown buds.

Once you have gotten your own yields, you can decide for yourself if you want to take further steps to become a marijuana growing guru or remain a personal use grower who just wants to make sure you always have a good stock of THC goodness.


Advanced Techniques for Growing

I want to stress again that the guide I am creating is meant for introductory level growing. These are the absolute minimum requirements you will need to meet in order to start seeing your own successful grows. If you have read through the information I have provided and want to know even more, then I can’t suggest strongly enough reading Growing Elite Marijuana.

I purchased this advanced guide shortly after my third grow because my yields were a little lackluster, and this guide really helped sharpen some of the essentials that I was missing. It also serves as a quick reference for pretty much any topic related to growing.


Updating the Guide

I plan on keeping this guide updated as I learn new lessons and read more about growing. I will most likely update it with each grow I finish because I learn something new with every crop I finish. I want to continue to polish and refine the lessons as time goes on.

I could definitely use your help though. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback regarding this guide, please feel free to contact me or comment on any of the pages within the guide. If there is something you don’t understand, there is a good chance there are a lot of people who feel the same way as you. I want to clear up as much confusion as I possibly can.

I try my best to teach the absolute fundamentals, but I’m certainly not perfect and am always looking for ways to improve the guide.

Stop buying your weed. Start your own crop with this guide.

5 Benefits of Growing Marijuana Yourself

  • Money – When you purchase marijuana, you are actually paying much more than what it costs to make. An ounce of weed is anywhere from $200-$700 or more depending on where you live, but to grow your own is closer to $10-$30/oz depending on your setup.
  • No Third Party – You will be in complete control of your stash. You get to decide how much you want to grow, and no more dealing with a middle man who marks the price up.
  • Use More (if you want) – When you see how easy and cheap it is to grow your own plants, you might decide that you want to up your intake as well. (I did!)
  • Access to Any Strain/Create your Own – Have you ever had a strain that was particularly potent for you, but you were never able to find it again? Growing your own means you have access to any strain you want, even those which haven’t been created yet.
  • Learn about Gardening – A lot of people I know that grow actually apply a lot of the lessons they learn in growing marijuana to other plants like fruits, vegetables, and other herbs.

Don’t end up in handcuffs. Read these warnings and be careful!

5 Warnings about Growing Yourself

  • Don’t Tell People – I know how awesome it is to watch your little babies grow into something magnificent. I also know how enticing it is to share that experience with others. However, doing this increases your risk of being caught or even robbed (this happened to a friend of mine who told almost everyone he knew). If you can’t help yourself, make sure you trust them implicitly.
  • Legality Issues – In most states, if you are caught growing, it is a felony charge for intent to distribute an illegal substance. This is why you can never be too cautious. If you are extremely discreet, this shouldn’t be an issue. You could also see about getting the proper credentials that lets you grow legally. This will vary from state to state.
  • Upfront costs – Starting your own grow, especially hydroponics which is what I am covering, can be somewhat costly. My initial setup cost me about $300, and I know for a lot of people this might be a real strain on the budget. However, you could easily regain those costs with your first grow by learning what is in this guide and not having to buy marijuana ever again.
  • Marijuana is Alive – It is a relatively sturdy plant, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put any work into maintaining it. It’s important to check your plants at least once a day to see if there are any noticeable changes and to monitor basic needs such as temperatures and water.
  • Don’t get Discouraged – My very first grow was a disaster. I spent 3 months babying them, watching them, doing everything I thought was right. At the very end, the plants began to die and I got nothing for all of my efforts. It would have been really easy to quit, but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you I’m glad I didn’t. Failure is an opportunity for learning, not a roadblock for success.

Start your growing experience today. You’ll be harvesting before you know it!

Action Steps

  • Read through the entire guide before starting your own grow. Don’t try to remember everything all at once, or you will become overwhelmed. Just read through and get the basic idea of it.
  • This guide is put in sequential order, so I recommend going through each page in order and completing the action steps as you go along. You can go out of order if you want, but I think that will only make it harder for yourself.
  • If your budget allows, get Growing Elite Marijuana. It is an outstanding source for reference and you can find a lot more detail on the topics I cover if you want to dive in deeper.

how to grow weed


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