My Libertarian Argument for Legalizing Cannabis

When the United States was just an infant, our Founders wrote endless literature and talked passionately for the strength and power of freedom. It was a concept based in free thinking and also the vanguard resistant to the oppression of tyranny.

Brilliant men they indeed were to have the foresight to illuminate the path of abundance and provide instruction to those who would follow on how to safeguard it. Sadly, we’ve overlooked their teachings, and today the United States is a big fall from what our wise Founding fathers imagined.

Government corruption runs rampant through the Federal Reserve and its powerful banking cartel. The Patriot Act diminishes individual liberties which is anything but patriotic. Not least, the War on Drugs, which suggests government can make the decision on what things are too risky for anyone to consume, clips the wings of liberty.

Marijuana Was Legal for A Majority of US History

Just why is cannabis against the law? The existence of this kind of regulation indicates that by deeming a supposedly dangerous substance banned, authorities can instill a sense of morality and show people the way to live better lives.

The sad thing is, anyone who determines which substances are dangerous to people might not observe the world through the eyes of someone who sees benefit, and it is very apparent with this matter. Bureaucrats are making the wide-reaching presumption that weed is hazardous for individuals, so they aren’t allowed to have it and mere possession is enforced with incarceration.

Yet what if you decide that cannabis is actually a positive aspect in your life? Shouldn’t that be your call? This idea is what liberty is all about: utilizing independent thought in making your own personal judgements. Freedom comes with a lot of responsibility though simply because knowledge is essential when reaching the right decisions about your lifestyle.

For this reason I made The Effects of Weed Network. It should be our decision about how we opt to live, but we must possess a very clear image with the circumstances relating to cannabis usage, empowering us all to pursue appropriate options.

Education is Society’s Greatest Asset

Clearly, I am a strong advocate for legalizing weed, and my libertarian argument is among one of several that make a case for its widespread application. If this issue is also important to you, then I can’t suggest more clearly that you simply research a candidate for the Presidency named Ron Paul. He believes in liberty and is also a true champion of our Constitution. This concern is one of many which destroy the freedom of citizens in America, so protect yourself as best you possibly can by keeping informed.

Expand your knowledge regarding the positive effects of weednegative effects of weed, and get a closer look at how to vaporize weed at The Effects of Weed Network.


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