What Influence Could Marijuana Possess Over the Heart?

The Effects of Weed Network discusses many of the side effects that weed has on the lungs and brain, however, another essential body component continues to be omitted so far: the one and only heart. Although the influence cannabis possesses within the brain and respiratory system is more critical than the outcomes towards the heart, especially the adverse, the heart is obviously a body organ that should not be overlooked.

A Bump In Heart Beat Rate

One immediate reply one’s heart experiences whenever consuming weed is certainly an elevated heart beat. This increase will vary in every individual, yet a fair estimation is heart rate increases by nearly 30-40 beats per minute also known as BPM. Since a normal resting heart rate ranges between 60-80 BPM, this may result in as much as a 50% increase in heart rate.

This isn’t automatically negative by itself because healthy exercise achieves the exact same outcome. Then again, this particular fact can be very necessary for those who are afflicted by coronary disorders meaning they’ll have a difficult time managing that sort of heart activity. In the event that this type of person were to use weed several times a day, they might be possibly positioning themselves for great risk of a cardiac event.

Study Demonstrates Small Risk of Heart Problems

An investigation had been carried out by Harvard Medical School and led by Dr. Murray Mittleman aimed towards discerning the effects cannabis provides in heart functionality along with its possible risks. The scientists discovered cannabis consumers were approximately 5 times more prone to endure a heart attack in the initial hour following consuming cannabis. This is mainly associated with the heightened heart beat rate which comes after the utilization of weed. Dr. Mittleman stated, “Blood pressure increases then abruptly falls when the person stands up. This could precipitate a heart attack.”

When the question was asked to clarify the reason why marijuana would have this type of effect towards the heart, Mittleman could not offer a comprehensive solution. He felt that it was feasible that perhaps it is attributed to the body’s response to THC, inhalation of the smoke itself, or possibly another trigger not really considered.

Before people become too troubled about it, they need to realize that the chance of experiencing heart failure because of marijuana is remote. Actually, the study stated the likelihood is as unlikely as 1 in 100,000. This danger grows steadily with age but remains to be incredibly unlikely in any situation.

Weed Negligible Danger towards Heart

Even though cannabis undoubtedly has an impact on the function of the heart, an individual should not end up being too concerned unless of course they have a substantive heart condition. Logically speaking, the effect is relatively insignificant.


For additional news on the negative effects of weed, an analysis of indica vs sativa, and information relating to marijuana, please visit The Effects of Weed Network.


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