Relief Of Pain Demonstrated to be Positive Impact of Weed Use

Pain relief is one of the most heavily invested areas of medicine today. Tons of money are poured into research and development each year for the creation of newer, more effective pain management drugs. However, there is an effective alternative to modern medicine in regards to pain relief that has existed for millions of years.

The remedy I speak of is medical marijuana. Studies are emerging in these times that show the efficacy of cannabis as an organic way to relieve pain. This news is especially welcome for anyone that feels like putting artificial chemicals into their body to treat their ailments over a long period of time is detrimental to their personal health.

A Study to Determine Pain Relief Efficacy

One of the basic positive effects of weed remains its activation of our inner cannabinoid system. Energizing this system provides a multitude of benefits such as mood control, appetite stimulation, and the focus here, pain relief.

A study was conducted in 2010 led by Dr. Mark Ware and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal to find out if marijuana does indeed provide pain relief, and if so, how effectively cannabis provides it.

The study was performed by finding a baseline of pain intensity in patients who suffered from chronic pain on an 11-point scale, administering a dosage of THC over a 2-week period, then determining what changes had occurred in pain intensity. The study also tried to discern any changes in mood, quality of life, and ability to sleep.

After the trial ended, researchers found that there was a statistically significant drop in pain levels from a score of 6.1 to 5.4, a 0.7 decrease. This may seem relatively marginal, but consider this number is an average, and for some people the drop was likely much greater. The researchers also found that individuals who were taking the most potent THC dosages reported an easier time falling asleep as well as more sound sleep. The study found no major differences in mood or quality of life.

Medical Marijuana Is A Pain Relief Solution

Considering that the effects of weed on the body are primarily attributed to the reaction of our cannabinoid system to THC and other phytocannabinoids, it is easy to understand why cannabis treats ailments so comprehensively. Pain relief is just one of its myriad of benefits, and this study provides further evidence.

As this site progresses, I will continue to highlight studies such as this one that further display the benefits that medical marijuana can provide. I hope you will join me by commenting below and drive a conversation relating to the positive effects of weed.


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