My Encounters With Marijuana and Its Effect Upon Stress and Anxiety

The effects of weed have helped me with my anxiety and panic attacks, and I want to share exactly how that has happened. But before I elaborate on that though, I want to start with an important disclaimer.

There are many studies stating marijuana is a potentially dangerous drug for anyone who has a predisposition for schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders. If you fit into this category, you should take special care and speak with your doctor if you are really adamant about using weed. It is your health after all, protect it.

And now, here is the tale of my personal struggle with anxiety and how marijuana has actually helped me deal with that issue.

Practice Makes Perfect

Each individual possesses a natural affinity for certain things: math, writing, creativity, etc. We can further develop those attributes through practice and application. This is because the brain favors repetition and carrying out activities multiple times helps us to execute them again in the future.

I discovered in my early twenties that I inherited an affinity for anxiety. I can’t recall any particular event or issue that would cause me to suffer severe anxiety or panic attacks, but I now accept this as just a fact about myself and the way my brain operates.

Applying the Concept

At times, when using marijuana I suffer from extreme anxiety and panic. This feeling stems from activation of the portion of the brain called the amygdala, the area of the brain linked to such feelings. Battling that anxiety is the originator of rational thought, the prefrontal cortex. This area convinces me in these panicky times that the experience is a temporary feeling and it will go away in due time. This thought calms me down and allows me to once again collect myself.

And as I explained before, through practice we become better at performing. By repeating this process through the use of weed, I have set up a controlled environment to induce a panic attack. This method offers me opportunities to practice calming myself through my own reasoning when my anxiety starts to run rampant. This is a similar concept to exposure therapy, being put in a situation where one must face their fears and anxieties.

The Outcome

I have noticed that my panic attacks after using this methodology have become less severe, and I am quicker to pull myself back together. Even more rewarding is that my anxiety in everyday situations has all but disappeared. A large part of the credit should be attributed to facing the panic attacks created by using marijuana and learning the skills needed to deal with them on my own terms.

I don’t say this will work for everyone, and I’m not saying everyone should go out and inflict panic and paranoia on themselves as therapy. I’m just offering my own personal experience, what has become of it, and why it has worked for me. I only hope it helps someone who reads this to find their own inspiration and answers.


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